How It Started...

Hi I am Stanlee D’Souza. I own and run Stanlee Music Academy having 25 years of Music Teaching experience. I started learning music at a young age of 10 with Guitar. Later I learnt Keyboard, Piano and other musical instruments including various percussion instruments. I have worked in 5 International schools as a music teacher and have made students perform in auditoriums. Prior to teaching Music I have worked in Merchant Navy. In my career as a Merchant Navy I have visited every nation on Earth and by my liking towards music I have always embraced listening to the Music of every nation and tradition every time I got free time from my work in Ship. After the end of my Merchant Navy Career I now share my life experiences, lessons and the beauty of Music with the younger generations. I am a Certified Music Teacher by Trinity College London. I have taught music to more than 400 students many of whom have secured distinction marks in their Trinity College London Grade Exams.

Our Mission & Vision

To bring the love and joy of music in lives of every person especially children by teaching them to play a musical
instrument and teaching them to sing correctly.

Our Experts

Sharad Wani

I am Sharad Wani, Teacher at STANLEE MUSIC ACADEMY. I am a master of percussion instruments. I play Tabla, Drums, Octopads, Djembe, Congo, Bongo and many more percussion instruments. I started learning music at a young age of 10 years and I have build a career in music. I play various percussion instruments in various musical shows in orchestras around the world. I have performed with famous Bollywood celebrity singers and have been to world tour with them at London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Singapore for concerts and musical shows. I have over 4 decades of experience in playing percussion instruments.

Ralph D'Souza

I am Ralph D’Souza Teacher at STANLEE MUSIC ACADEMY. I have started Teaching Music since 2012 and I teach Piano, Keyboard, Guitar and Violin. I learned Music at the age of 10 learning Piano and then learning Guitar and Violin later. I have taught Music to every age groups. I have taught in few schools and I am also affiliated with Trinity College London and Furtados School of Music teaching music at Mumbai City, India.

Romeo Louis(Rommy)

I am Romeo Louis. I Teach at STANLEE MUSIC ACADEMY.I am a professional Drummer Industry level Artist. Have Performed with Many Music Directors. 30+ years of experience.

Students Trinity Certificates

What Our Students Say

Krishnan Iyer


Tammana and her Parent Partha Basu.

Student & Parent

Slyvia D'souza.

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